Akey Staff

Akey has assembled an excellent staff of Ruminant Nutritionists, Nutrition Associates, Ruminant Field Specialists and Customer Account Representatives. Akey nutritionists regularly publish research findings in scientific journals.


    Jim Aldrich, Ph.D., P.A.S.- Director, Ruminant Nutrition
    Mark Hill, Ph.D. - Ruminant Nutritionist
    Gale Bateman, Ph.D.- Ruminant Nutritionist
    Steve Beanblossom, M.S., P.A.S.- Nutrition Associate
    Wibe Fokkink M.S., P.A.S. - Nutrition Associate

Akey has access to the latest university research findings in the USA.
Through our parent company, Provimi, we actively participate in global nutrition research studies.

Akey Field Specialists:

    Roger Olser, P.A.S. - Dairy Specialist
    Tim Thompson, P.A.S. - Dairy Specialist
    David Jones, M.S. -Dairy Calf & Heifer Specialist
    Dane Schoenbaum, M.S. Dairy Specialist
    Larry Roth, Ph.D., Dairy Specialist